Saturday, April 7, 2012


computer space
some of you may not know what the first video game is! most people say the first game was "pong" but they're wrong. The first game that was ever invented was by a college student in MIT university by the name Steve Russel. The game he created was revolutionary for its time, he created "space wars". The only problem with this was that Steve was unable to make money off this game mainly because not many people had computer to run the program he created. about 9 years later a guy named Nolan Bushnell (the founder of Atari) was such a big fan of "space wars" he decided to try and make one that would work on a T.V. instead of a computer. after spending a few months creating a prototype he but a casing around it and created the first coin operated video game. Nolan named the game "computer space" and he created two different versions of it. the single player version comes in many different colors while the two player comes only in green. In the single player you take control of a ship and have to destroy alien ships until the timer runs out. In the second player version its a complete death match till the timer runs out. this coin operated video game didn't catch on and the controls where very difficult to understand and play. 

TILL NEXT TIME !  If your interested in learning more click here HISTORY of Video Games Pt 1 all credit goes to Irate Gamer


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